and so we wait.

«and so we wait» has in many ways been my artistic response to months of lockdown, uncertainty, fear, but also hope. Waiting for the world to go back to what it was before, waiting to get back into it. The 16-piece cross stitch work took 13 months to complete and gave me a sense ofFortsett å lese «and so we wait.»

news: group show

Because of the pandemic I haven’t been able to show any works for some time, but it finally seems like things are changing for the better – I’ve been invited to contribute to Ås Art Society’s 50th anniversary show. I won’t be at the opening as I’m not fully vaccinated yet, but do drop inFortsett å lese «news: group show»


welcome to my new web site – after having a web site that looked more or less the same since 2012 with a small relaunch in 2017, I made the decision to start all over. In part it was technically necessary since I’ve made the transition from Mac to PC and can no longer useFortsett å lese «welcome»

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