selected works 2009-2012

and then I just left (2009) Acrylics, 20×40 cm
Leave me here (2009) Cardboard, 2.4×2.4 cm
The last word he said was (2009) Paper, cardboard, frame, 17×22 cm
From then on nothing had any meaning to me. Does that make sense? (2009) Acrylics
Slowly resurfacing, I opened my eyes and found myself in a strange place (2009) Acrylics on canvas, 50×100 cm
You were too late (2009) Acrylics/mixed media, 20×97 cm
Untitled text (2009) Acrylics, 30×23 cm
One in two (2010) Acrylics on board, 40×81.5 cm
Break, through (2012) Oil on canvas, 60×60 cm
Untitled text #2 (2009) Acrylics, 16×58 cm
Heartbeat (2011) Pencil, 53×14 cm
Something over this noise like silence (2012) Acrylics and oil on canvas, 60×60 cm
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