selected works 2013-2017

beginning is always missing but I never seem to escape the end (2013) Acrylics on canvas, 40×80 cm
don’t quote me on it (2013) Acrylics on board, 50×130 cm
the world; however it’s none of my business (2013) Acrylics on canvas, 50×50 cm
Into nothing I go (2013) Acrylics on canvas, 60×80 cm
Superimposed (2013) Acrylics/collage on canvas,40×80 cm
this could be (2014) Framed embroidery, 30×40 cm
as follows (2014) Watercolour, 40×20 cm
Don’t quote me on it (II) (2014) Ink on paper, 68×109.5 cm
but not completely (2014) Acrylics on canvas, 50×70 cm
If anything (2014) Acrylics/collage on canvas, 70×90 cm
continued. (2015) Acrylics on canvas; charcoal and watercolour on paper; frame, 70×97 cm
do not use if (I) (2015) Acrylics on canvas, 50×50 cm
residue (2015) Plaastic, cardboard, frame. 12×17 cm
do not use if (II) (2015) Acrylics/mixed media on paper, 26×26 cm
If by any chance (2015) Acrylics and waxed thread on canvas, 50×102.5 cm
First, (2015) Embroidery on canvas, 20×20 cm
framework III (however,) (2016) Embroidery on paper; frame, 50×40 cm
mostly silence (2016) Mixed media on paper, 17.5×35 cm
and before you know it (2016) Acrylics/pencil on canvas, 40×80 cm
drawback (2016) Acrylics/pencil on canvas, 30×30 cm
after (I) Cross stitch embroidery on aida, 7.5×5.2 cm
after (III) Cross stitch embroidery on paper, 24×28.8 cm
this is reality if I say so. Acrylics/water soluble pencil on canvas, 60×60 cm
after (II) Cross stitch embroidery on aida, 7.5×5.2 cm
mind-set (2017) Acrylics/mixed media on canvas, 60×80 cm
everything. (2017) Watercolour on paper, 42×29.7 cm
the here and now will always become the past (2017) Embroidery on aida, 21×29.7 cm
what we’ve been telling each other all along (2017) Acrylics/pencil on canvas,35×70 cm
twice removed (2017) Acrylics/mixed media on paper, 24×52.5 cm
unless- Acrylics/pencil on canvas, 35×70 cm
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